Buttercream Cookie Company opened our ovens in 2017

While working as an interior designer in Portland, Oregon and then Kansas City, Missouri, I was surrounded by colleagues and clients with similar talent and creative outlook. And by good fortune, I found one designer in particular that shared the same passion for baking. First by sharing in the food, and then by sharing in the work, she hired me as a cookie decorator in her fabulous bakery. With thoughtful details and amusement, I made our customers' birthdays, weddings, brunches, and occasions more colorful and more delicious.  Orders ranged from single cookies to brighten a day, or thousands of cookies to brighten the Kaufmann Performing Arts Center.


My recipe for Buttercream Cookie Co.:

Start with the cutest brand new baby girl in the world

Whisk in 1794 miles of a cross country move

Stir in a new kitchen for the new year

Roll together my love of baking with my love of making others smile

Bake for 8 minutes, glaze liberally, pipe attentively, eat in entirety


Our little chunk of a baby made it impossible to leave every morning.  Fortunately for both of us, the best thing I can do with her happens to be the thing that I do best!  Putting together the best sugar cookie recipe and delicious buttercream frosting designs are how my little itsy bitsy and I can spend time together and bring some of our happiness to Portland.