NOT Just sugar cookies


We offer a selection of other tasty treats that can be ordered by the dozen or mixed into a sugar cookie order. 

Available Year Round:

Honey Bees - a delicious protein ball of seedy peanut butter goodness. A customer fav! 

Chocolate Chip- an ooey gooey cookie with the perfect amount of chocolate goodness

Snickerdoodle - oodles of cinnamon and sugar

Peanut Butter - for nut butter lovers. 

Cowboy - if you can't decide between cookies, this is a good combination of them all! 

Big game Special:

*A requirement for Superbowl Sunday. Husband's favorite 

Superbowl Brownies - begins with a bottom layer of fudgy brownie, topped with a crunchy, peanut butter, marshmallow mixture. gone in 60 seconds.